Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Ashley has been wonderful for both myself and my son Brett. Brett has torticolis, which causes a head tilt. Since coming to see Dr. Ashley, Brett has no signs of a tilt at all! She is gentle, patient and so understanding with adusting a toddler! Brett started chiropractic at 10 month of age and is now 27 months old. Because of Dr. Ashley, Brett no longer has any hesitations of coming for his adjustments - he loves to come! His progress has been amazing and I am so grateful to her for taking such good care of him!"

- Kim S.

"Dr. Gleason has done an outstanding job helping me to maintain good health! Her skillful adjustments relieve pain and allow me to go about my daily activities. Dr. Gleason listens carefully to my concerns and responds with appropriate therapy and useful suggestions for improving my life styles. Dr. Gleason maintains a highly efficient office where patient needs are the focus. It is a highly professional environment. I recommend Dr. Gleason enthusiastically and without reservation."

- Dan B.

"My experience as Dr. Gleason's patient has been wonderful!! Her chiropractic care has helped strengthen my immune system along with relieving my neck pain."

- Katie M.

"I am so grateful to Dr. Ashley Gleason for all she's done this past year. Dr. Gleason has definitly helped me live a higher quality of life. I take a beating at work and look forward to my weekly adjustment. I've felt stronger this past year and have had many pain free days and weeks under Dr. Gleason's care. Living with the neck and back injuries I have, I speak from experience and highly recommend sticking with your chiropractic care. Dr. Gleason has worked miracles for me, I would highly recommend Dr. Gleason for any level of injury you may have."

- John D.

"Dr. Gleason was very thourough when explaining my disease process. Before I go in for my appointment I'm in pain and my back is swollen. After my spinal adjustment, I feel so much better. I can even sleep without any pain. I continue to go see Dr. Gleason every 3 weeks or sooner if need be. Thank you Dr. Gleason for giving back my life."

- Mark W.

"As a licensed massage therapist and life-long chiropractic patient, I know first hand the benefits of chiropractic care and how it applies. My concern was I needed someone with the intuition and experience to adjust with great care. Dr. Gleason looked very young and very tiny and I wondered if she had the experience to handle my neck, yet the strength to handle the rest of my large and muscular self. She surprised me with her sensitivity and experience. I knew she had "the calling", not just the license. Dr. Gleason has been an important part in keeping my very active, hard working body fully funcitoning."

- Debbie O.

"Dr. Ashley Gleason helped to dispell my previous misconceptions of chiropractors. She was able to help keep my migraines at bay through her adjustments and helpful insights in having me change the way I performed certain activities."

- Dave

"Dr. Gleason has devoted her efforts to deal with specific back and other problems when they occured. She has a friendly manner and shows a personal interest in her patients. I have been very pleased with the care she has provided, keeping my general health on track. Her professional and caring treatment will be of great benefit to your health and well being."

- Lance C.

"Dr. Gleason made me feel like a person, not a number, by showing that she sincerely cared to make me feel better. She did this by listening to my concerns and acting on them through spinal adjustments. For the first time in a long time i was getting some pain relief. If you are looking for a down to earth, good hearted person that actually cares to listen to your spinal issues and act on them, then look no further to Dr. Ashley Gleason, as she is the chiropractor that you can count on."

- Shirley M.

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